Professional Trainer
Managing Director of Seed Vietnam

Linh has a 15 years track record for success and creativity in her various corporate / MNC, and entrepreneurial roles in the Vietnam marketplace. Out of those 15 years, Linh spent more than 10 years in Hospitality Industry in several 5-star international hotels.
Through experience in executive positions with leading global brands in the hospitality / hotel segment, and thriving in entrepreneurial business and charity ventures that she has created, Linh has developed a world class understanding and capability in areas of business development, sales, customer relations, coaching and leadership that makes her a perfect match as a professional skills trainer in the diverse Vietnamese marketplace for world leading AchieveGlobal before and now is MHG.
With a Bachelor of Arts in English together with highly developed communication skills, Linh brings the added dimension of bridging critical language gaps as well as needed understanding and capability to clients no matter whether it is understanding strategy concepts, defining key objectives, or, truly understanding the business issues of leading MNC’s operating in Vietnam. With a diversity of business knowledge and training capability, Linh conducts efficient delivery of leading skill development and training programs.

Some of her outstanding delivery programs are:

• Building Trust Under Pressure
• Problem-Solving Results
• Workload Management, Connecting Others
• Customer Service
• Trainer the trainer
• Professional Sales Coaching, Sales presentation, Sales Negotiation, Winning Account Strategy, Selling Skills.
• Coaching Others for top performance
• Leading Innovation

In addition, through Linh’s corporate and entrepreneurial background, significant experience has been gained through various training and organizational leadership roles in the key areas of leadership, teamwork, innovation, effective presentation and interpersonal communication skills, and demonstrating world class capability in areas of customer service.